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Gina Rivera is all at once the source and embodiment of Beauty and Class.  She was born into the salon industry and began her own career as a little girl sweeping hair from the floors of her parents’ successful salons. She listened to her mom and dad laughing and chatting with clients. She watched and learned as they cut and colored hair. Her family first entered the industry 85 years ago, producing dozens of salon professionals and an unmatched wealth of industry insight.

After high school, Gina became a licensed hair dresser. She went from working in a commission salon to a booth-rental open-floor salon, building her own devoted clientele, gaining invaluable experience at these entry levels to the business.

Gina decided to open her own salon after her first son was born in 2003. She purchased a Salon that was struggling and within the first year was able to make the salon profitable.  Gina began to expand her salon concept Nationally and opened nearly 50 locations in her first two years.   This lead to Rivera being featured on the Emmy Award winning show Undercover Boss. After receiving one of the highest Nielsen ratings ever for an episode, she was propelled into the limelight and generated a tremendous fan base inside and outside of the beauty world both domestically and internationally.

Gina assumed the role of President but still cuts and colors hair along side her father.  Rivera, a resident of San Diego, California, is no stranger to the camera and stage.  She has filmed multiple commercials, infomercials and has been the subject of several photo shoots. She has also addressed large groups live on stage in both an artistic industry setting and a leadership business setting inclusive of scripted and impromptu formats.

Additionally, Rivera is a seasoned columnist who has been published over 150 times. She has been featured in well-known publications such as Fashion & Style, Modern Salon, the Huffington Post, Hairbrained and several others. With over 180,000 Facebook followers, her “Tip of the Week” has quickly become one of the most well-read columns on the web providing advice on how to succeed in business and life to fans and beauty enthusiast.

 Gina's passion for the Beauty and Salon Industry has inspired her to create a Superior High Quality Product and Infrared Styling Tool Line  

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An exclusive line of beauty products and professional styling tools developed by a family of salon professionals for their clients and themselves. 

Make every day a great hair day.